Each year we have the honor to award a volunteer or two who has went over and beyond for our organization. Check out the list of recipients for our "Outstanding Service Award" and a brief bio read at our reception to showcase the volunteer.


BETH BECHTOLD - April 2016
Our recipient of the “Outstanding Service Award” for 2016 very rarely has the word "No" in their vocabulary. When asked to lead a cook team, the answer was an immediate "yes." When asked to help coordinate Saturday bag lunches, the answer was "yes".  When asked to execute the Parade Of Cans campaign at their church, the answer was “yes”. When asked to coordinate volunteers to assists with candy making, the answer again was “yes”. When asked to volunteer at our annual Feed The Flock Gala, the answer was “most definitely”. When asked to serve at our annual Cruisin’ Diner during Soldiers Reunion Week, once again the answer was “yes”. The recipient of our “Outstanding Service” award is never afraid to tackle any task, and always has a positive attitude and smile on their face. The recipient of this awards church even realized what an asset this person would be to The Corner Table. Therefore, this person was asked to represent their church on our Board of Directors. Again, the answer was yes. She cooks once a week and has introduced our mission to her friends, family, and church members. She has now arranged her church to serve bag lunches quarterly, which I might add she voluntarily goes and picks up all of the items needed, schedules the volunteers to assemble and handout, and makes sure every tasks is executed from beginning to end. When it was time this past December to make candy for our Annual Christmas Candy tin sale, she got her church involved for the first time, and they made a Ton of fudge with her leadership. She led her church Trinity Baptist to victory during our 2015 Parade Of Cans Campaign by collecting 632 pounds of canned goods for The Corner Table. She proudly serves on our Volunteer Support Committee that planned today’s lunch and was recently elected as Secretary of our Corner Table Board of Directors. She is an avid Tar heel fan, the mother to a sports enthusiast son, and we wouldn't be more proud to have her on our team.

NANCY ICARD - April 2015
Our first recipient is our Wonder woman of The Corner Table. There is no task too big or too small for this pint sized woman. She volunteers 3-4 days per week for us. She serves as a cook team leader once a month. She chops, slices and dices when the need arises. She greets, serves, scrapes, or just mingles and socializes if necessary. Our guests just love her and they miss her when she isn't here. Having constant suffering with back and neck trouble and even facing upcoming shoulder surgery, nothing stops her. She always says, "I don't notice my pain when I am volunteering. I put myself aside." She participates in all Corner Table extra activities including - dressing up at Halloween, helping with our Old Soldier's Reunion Sunday Cruise-In diner, and making candy for our December Fundraiser.



JESSIE FULPS -  April 2015
What is most remarkable about our next recipient is for nine years she was a regular daily guest at The Corner Table. Over the years she exhibited her willingness and strong desire to help out and give back to The Corner Table and that is exactly what she started doing two year ago - volunteering.  Now she gives 130 hours a month to this ministry. This is a remarkable accomplishment. She often walks to The Corner Table for her exercise - but you can be assured she is here everyday we are open and she stays from 8:30 a.m. -2:30 p.m. entirely on a volunteer basis. Every volunteer is considered important and a vital part of The Corner Table, but this recipient holds a special place in the hearts of all the staff, volunteers, and guests. Even the board members recognize and cherish her spark, enthusiasm, and love for The Corner Table. Her desire is to help others the way she was once helped. Her attitude is constantly upbeat and positive in an environment where people desperately need positivity. Simpy by being who she is, she brings light and hope to everyone who walks through our doors.