Food drives are easy to organize and are a great way to pull a company team, congregation, student body or any group together to make an impact in our community.

Arrange an on-line food drive via to benefit The Corner Table.

How to get started(Facility Food Drive):
1) Get approval from your company, school or religious group to hold your food drive.

2) Advertise your event via email, flyers, announcements, memos – whatever works for your group. Place clearly labeled boxes or bins around your office, school or religious center to collect items.

3) Provide specifics on what types of donations are accepted. (A list of current food needs is listed to the right, but contact a Corner Table representative to confirm specifics for your drive.)

4) Let participants know the event will benefit The Corner Table! Make sure your group knows that their donations will be used to provide meals to men, women, and children who are in need in our community.

5) Set a deadline for collections and remind people when it’s approaching. This will help motivate people to submit their donations. Challenges are also useful – offer a goal of a certain number of items, participants or pounds collected.

6) Plan a drop-off of your collections. Get help from a colleague or friend to pack your car or vehicles with your donations and transport them to The Corner Table.

Ø Bring your donations to our facility:  122 N Main Street, Newton, NC 28658

Ø Flexible drop-off times:  Monday - Thursday: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Friday: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ø What’s the best time of year to host a food drive?
o Anytime! We need your help year round.

Ø What kinds of food do you accept?
o Nonperishable, canned, or boxed items work best for food drives.

Ø Are there restrictions on the types of items The Corner Table accepts?
o Yes. All food items must meet our high food safety standards and cannot be dented, dusty, damaged or expired.

Ø What if I receive a monetary donation during the drive?
o Fantastic! Try to collect the name and mailing address of those donors so we can send them a tax receipt for their contributions.

If you have any additional questions or would like to hold a food drive, please contact or 828-464-0355.